If your responsibility includes sandbag production, you realize the biggest challenge is output: the maximum number of bags in the least amount of time. The 13-pound, low cost ExpressBagger® is a perfect solution if your sandbagging operation uses "people power" and needs a high output with a minimal investment.

ExpressBagger® To The Rescue


There are many reasons sandbags are needed. These reasons can range from keeping floodwaters at bay to holding a road construction sign in place or even as important as building a bunker to protect the troops. Filling sandbags has always been an arduous, tedious task but no more! ExpressBagger® has the solution. Our simple yet highly effective system allows your employees, workers or troops to fill three times as many sandbags when compared with the traditional shovel and bag method. When you need to fill sandbags quickly and easily, the ExpressBagger® comes to the rescue.

The front view of the tan ExpressBagger Classic unit sandbag filling station with instruction stickers applied
People to Operate
Sandbags a Minute
Sandbags an Hour
In Four Hours

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When you need to fill many sandbags and quickly, the traditional shovel-and-bag method just doesn’t work.

Ready Where You Need It


Express Bagger is especially well suited to  flood mitigation/flood preparedness, construction and military applications because of the lightweight and collapsible design, easy, stackable storage and increased number of filled bag yield in the same amount of time when compared with other methods. It is easy to use, easy to set up and move, and is comprised of just three pieces. You won’t need a heavy, expensive machine that is impractical out in the field. A crucial sandbagging tool, the ExpressBagger® has all the features you want with the performance you need.

What Sets Us Apart

There are many tools on the market to assist you with your sandbagging needs, including many variations
of tools and machines. What makes the ExpressBagger® different?


Simple and Efficient Design


Lightweight and Mobile


Folds Down to a Small Footprint


Made of Recycled or Recyclable Materials


Easy to Assemble


Cost Effective