Save Time on the Job


Whether your project involves excavation, securing signage or erosion control, it’s important to save valuable time when preparing materials for the job site. Especially when working on larger projects or to keep a rein on the budget, the ExpressBagger® strikes a valuable balance between providing a more efficient method than the manual shovel-and-bag option while not requiring the huge investment involved in a sandbagging machine.

The ExpressBagger® allows your crew to fill sandbags for construction projects using a team of up to four people. Here’s how it works: One team member shovels while two additional team members steady the bags as they’re being filled. A fourth team member can then pull the bags aside for loading onto your trucks or for use right on-site. Compared with one person shoveling and a second holding a bag, the ExpressBagger® is much more efficient. And there’s minimal spillage when filling bags with the ExpressBagger® because of the funnel shape and less fatigue because of the ergonomic design.