Frequently Asked Questions


What size bag do you use with the Express Bagger?

It works perfectly for the most standard bag size of 14″ X 26″. Express Bagger works with any sandbag from the smallest 10″ X 14″ to 20″ X 36″ or larger! Express Bagger has an overall length of 40″, width of 16″ and is height adjustable from 28″, 31″, 34″ & 37″ inches. The unit weighs just 13 lbs.

How many units will we need?

We recommend 15 units per 75 troops or volunteers. This breaks down to three people per Express Bagger (one shoveling while two move filled sandbags at a rate of 4-5 bags per minute) while the remaining individuals are placing filled bags on pallets or directly as needed.