ExpressBagger in Flood-Imminent and Flood-Prone Areas

For our first blog post, we’ll be talking about how the ExpressBagger can assist homeowners and city officials in a flooding situation or in preparation for the possibility of a future flood. There are several areas of the country with flooding concerns even though it’s officially winter. Areas that haven’t experienced much flooding before, such as Sacramento, California, are now having to brace for the possibility. The Buffalo, New York area has also experienced a tremendous amount of snowfall this year, leading to a need to prepare with the best tools and equipment.

There are also several flood-prone areas in the country that deal with flooding threats on a regular basis. Any community located close to the Red River, a tributary that flows north rather than south like other rivers, is also located in a particularly flat, flood-prone part of the country. States such as Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota are accustomed to being prepared to fight a flood threat at a moment’s notice.

The ExpressBagger is so helpful in these situations because it speeds up sandbagging, helps people work in teams because of the design, and allows people to work longer because of the ergonomic design. If you’re looking for the ultimate sandbagging tool that will help you save people and property in a flooding situation, the ExpressBagger is the only sandbagging tool you’ll need.